We Redesigned Matching for Deep Connections
There are numerous matching solutions for people to discover interesting partners.

However, how effectively people connect, and what those connection lead to, is a totally different story.

SerendipifyMe is designed for Quality instead of Quantity

Opportunity.Exchange Custom Matching

Matching Participation:
Be Selective!
We believe that one of the biggest factors of finding effective matches starts with the right participants. More participants, but not too many, are the ideal.

For this reason we designed for group-based, invitation-based participation.

Suggested Strategies:
  • Create multiple matching instances, across subgroups, and over time. You can customize them, too. More options and configurations is better.
  • Segment well the participants which you invite in each matching, to ideally have common interests.
  • Shuffle groups, extend participation, re-create new matching instances
Matching Factors:
Be Unconstrained!
We believe that the user knows what makes the ideal partner, and we empower them to fully define their success factors for the matching.

Our matching is designed to allow for full user-defined matching terms (free text terms).

Suggested Strategies:
  • The users should input as many terms and synonyms as they wish, as with the private matching that we have by design, nobody sees (and judges) the user's entries.
  • The organizer who manages the matching instance should communicate with the group tips that lead to discovering shared goals.
Matching Purpose:
Be Actionable!
We believe that a connection is only as useful as it is actionable, and as it leads to successful partnerships and collaborations.

For this reason we let users decide when the overlapping matching terms are enough to constitute a deep connection.

Suggested Strategies:
  • Educate and support the user to identify their desired partners
  • Communicate with the group, encourage participants to refine their matching inputs
  • Provide support and guidance even after the connection is made, to ensure a fruitful outcome of each connection.

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