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Discover valuable partnerships

We facilitate Serendipity Encounters

which help you

Discover Partnerships that Work!


means overcoming

low probability to meet

partners that lead to

amazing outcomes





We increase the discovery probability

Multiple, custom designed matching channels and interactions increase likely encounters
We increase the value of a discovery

Deep and complex configurable matching algorithms lead to stronger partnerships and outcomes.

What you get with Opportunity.Exchange

Opportunity.Exchange is a self-service matching platform
You can set up, configure, run and manage multiple instances and types/algorithms for people matching

Run many matching instances for distinct groups
Handle various scenarios, events, etc

Each different situation and group of people can be treated independently
Configurable matching for complex interactions
Broad selection of matching algorithms

From basic match-everyone, to multi-dimensional, deep, and selective matching, we cover it all
Confidential participation for demanding users
Strong incentives for truthfulness

Designed for maximizing the outcome via finding most valuable, actionable connections
Instant setup, Instant Results
Start now, test and iterate for great results

We solve the discovery problem, so you can spend your time actively with your new friend
Use cases for specific industries:
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Academic Alumni Engagement

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Executive Education

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Non-Profit Organizations

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Professional Associations

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Small Businesses

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Enterprise Applications

For custom scenarios, an in-depth demo, assistance with setting up your matching instances, etc., email us at demo@Opportunity.Exchange

The design principles of Opportunity.Exchange

User Has Full Control

You control everything, you own the outcomes.
(No AI to "help" you)
Actionable Outcomes

Sopthisticated matching algorithms give you great partners.
Uncompromising Privacy

Only Shared Interests are Revealed to Participants
Extensive Scale

Engage large groups, or multiple smaller subgroups.
Intelligent Guidance

Organizer has tools to facilitate more matches
Simplicity by Design

Participation via online link.

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