The Vision for the Opportunity.Exchange Matching Platform:

We are a Clearinghouse for Collaboration

Diverse Products

Based on your target audience, you can choose different products for your use cases: group match for similar participants, categorical match for differentiated ones, or fully customized discovery mechanisms.

Powerful Features

Uber-configurable instances with advanced matching algorithms, diverse user input mechanisms, outcome focused service and participant communication, and for the organizer, efficient participation monitoring tools.

Empowering the User

The user is completely in control with the matching and its outcomes, so they get presented candidates that best fit their needs.
The service provider is in control only with the size of the participation.
Our products Commoditize Matchmaking... that you can bring it to every situation, and help every one connect and collaborate.

Connect everybody with everybody
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Connect somebody to somebody
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Build a complex team
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Extraordinary features for exotic use cases:

Custom Algorithms and Power Features

Our matching algorithms span a wide range from basic keyword matching to multi-dimensional, fuzzy matching.

Continuous Horizon Matchmaking

For a high traffic and low retention case, use our venue matching. Use cases include coffee shops, etc.

Whitelabel and Enterprise Features

When you have a select and captive audience, our enterprise features can help you get results beyond the basic use cases.

Reach out to us for more details or to set up a demo at demo@Opportunity.Exchange

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