Fuel Your Startups

Deliver the resources that make entrepreneurs and investors successful
Hyper-Connected for Action:
Facilitate collaboration, impact, purpose, growth
Engine for Growth

Attract resources: people, ideas, talent, connections that fuel startups growth
Funnel for Investments

Match partners: complementary attributes, and alignment on the desire to succeed

What can Opportunity.Exchange help you with?

Attract and identify the elements of effective startups
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Attract everyone with a dream.
Set up a Group Match instance, send the invitation link to everyone in your community to help them find potential partners with similar interests and goals
Use the group interests tag cloud as a way to advertise and attract more people
Discover the strongest connections.
Set up a dual-sided matching when two complementary elements are needed:
(Investors + Startups), (Builders + Marketers), (Visionaries + Experts), etc.
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Jump-start your complex team.
Assemble your team from people bringing the skills that fit your required roles.
This is a fully-customizable role-matching engine that enables you to build the perfect team.

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