How to be successful with Serendipify.Me

For more information, read the Group Administrator Manual
As the person responsible for engaging the community, you will have at your disposal a variety of matching based mechanisms. Your initial step is to set up one (or multiple) focus groups where you invite everyone who should be part of the matchmaking.

Group Matching

  • This is the main tool that you should be using in your community.
  • We match everyone to everyonee, all are equal. Participants are assumed to be people in the community who have latent potential and desire to apply some of their skills
  • The main feature of our matching mechanism - anonymous participation with private information - should be attractive to people who are very focused on their goals/interests.
  • We match people on things they are ready to collaborate on. This is different than their skills - it's more focused on their actionable passions. As the organizer, you should convey this to the participants.
The main organizer workflow is illustrated below:

Group Manager Guide Diagram

Notes for the search group organizer/manager:

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