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Founder / Technology
Tibi is the main engine behind the Opportunity.Exchange service. Motivated by a serendipituous encounter, Tibi started working on an idea that would facilitate great matches for those who are still searching and actively pursuing their interests. Opportunity.Exchange is targeted towards hands-on opportunity seekers, who are looking for what is likely the most important element in any venture: the person who is coming along for that ride.
He owns the full implementation:
  • concept, design, architecture
  • full stack implementation, Google cloud backend
  • intellectual property and proprietary algorithms
Tibi has PhD in computer science from Purdue and MBA from Chicago Booth.


Marketing : Product, Content, Strategy
Laura is managing and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy for Opportunity.Exchange .
She is leading:
  • content marketing for market development
  • product marketing for product-market fit
  • busines development for customers acquisition, growth hacking, identifying partnerships, etc
  • overall marketing strategy
Laura has PhD from University of Chicago, and worked for the last 5 years in multitude of marketing roles.


Behavior Research and User Experience
George brings Behavioral Economics to Opportunity.Exchange .
He is involved with:
  • applying behavioral economics to fine tune the matching experience and value delivered to our users
  • next generation operating model around customer journeys (UX)
  • project management, and operations management
George has MBA from Chicago Booth, and he also teaches at the Illinois Institute of Technology on Behavioral Economics and Decision Making

Our Collaborators


The Security Architect
Bringing R & D and project management experience in developing security protocols, Vali helps Opportunity.Exchange to create a secure and anonymous matching environment.

He works on:

  • GDPR compliance and private information handling
  • Securing the operations of our service, white hat and penetration testing
  • Researching secure and private protocols for our extended services.

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