Concise User Guide Diagram
for Search Initiators and Participants

Detailed Description of Functionality Concepts and Features

Opportunity.Exchange helps you find awesome partners and build successful teams by identifying strong matches in a select group of people.

  1. The group of participating people is determined by the person who initiates the search. If you are that person, make sure that you invite people relevant to the general topic for which you want the people in the group to find matches.

    Example: Let's say you want to facilitate the creation of a new startup; you would invite people with interests, skills, and time availability to be part of such an activity. You are the first level of filtering, that ensures great match results later. Once those people are part of the group, their particular interests in various areas will define what startup they get to be part of. As there is overlap in those preferences, partnerships emerge, and ideally startups are built.

    Anyone in the group can invite others to expand the search group, simply by forwarding them the group link.

  2. Once you received an invitation to be part of a search group (i.e. a Opportunity.Exchange link), you will have the opportunity to define a set of interests that will be used only in this group to match you up with others. All this information is private to you, nobody will ever see your interests. All you need is to be logged in and to have provided an email address that you can be reached out, in case there is a match.

  3. These searches will be more effective as
    • The size of the group grows
    • The people invited in the group have interests in the area of the search topic
    • The interests listed are broadly defined but qualitatively strongly focused on the participant's personal interests

  4. Search groups expire. To ensure results quality, freshness, and your privacy online, we only keep a group around for two weeks.
    After that, we delete all group-related information (all the interests that go with that group). We do keep your account (just the login name and the email), as we encourage you to come back and use this service again.

    If you need to use the group for a longer time, we have a paid version where you can keep your current search population and continuously refine the matching process on those invited.

User Guide For Discovering Interest-Based Matching Partners
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